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Yuyao Peng Xiang Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

       Yuyao Pengxiang Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Yuyao HENGFA hardware stamping factory) is a professional manufacturer of the development and production of micro motor. The factory is located at the beautiful Hangzhou Bay. It is close to the first bridge of the world - the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge. The traffic is fast and convenient. This area is the hot land of the world's world. It is the Yangtze River Delta. The golden section. Since its creation in 1999, Peng Xiang motor has continuously developed and enterprising and won the market with good faith. In the process of continuous development, the company adopts the modern enterprise management mode, the principle of production and sales in favor of customers and service society, "quality and service" as the life, "demand and solution" as the fundamental, and professional. Production, high quality, high specifications, no comparison with the quality of the concept, one to the place for Peng Xiang brand flourish, the company's products have also achieved great success in the market. On the basis of the original, the company introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad. At present, it has 2 sets of high-speed automatic punching machines, more than 20 micro motor detection devices and a number of automatic production equipment. The motor is tracked from the whole process of development, design, production and sales to ensure the quality of the motor.

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