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An advance of 35% motor is a good prospect for the new wind industry

2018/5/29 13:14:55

With the upgrading of domestic consumption, people gradually realize the importance of air quality, and the fresh air system will enter the public view. Especially in the past two years, China's domestic brand of new fans has springing up, and the industry is developing rapidly. As the core component of the new wind system, with the development of the new wind industry, the new wind motor has also seen an explosive growth in the past 2016-2017 years.

According to the annual report of the China new wind motor industry in 2017, the sales volume of the domestic new wind motor industry in 2017 reached 2 million 591 thousand, and the growth rate was 112.4% compared with that in 2015.

But at present, the high speed growth of the new wind motor industry is also challenged. The trend of the upstream motor industry is closely related to the demand of the downstream market. From the overall market, the market downturn in the second half of 2017 is dragged down. The stock backlog is more in the new wind machine. In the first half of 2018, most of them are clear of the Treasury, and some enterprises are coming out of the market under the pressure of cost and survival, and the industry enters the shuffle period. However, with the end of the clear inventory, industry online is expected to start from the second half of 2018, the new wind motor industry will re enter the rapid development track, the annual production volume will break through 3 million 500 thousand units, expected to increase over 35%.

This relatively optimistic expectation is mainly based on the current status of the new wind motor industry. Compared with the brand of the downstream brand of the domestic new wind system, the supplier of the upstream motor is relatively stable. According to industry online statistics, Zhi Pu and EBM are the leading enterprises of the new wind motor and fan respectively, occupying the vast majority of their market share in their respective fields.

From the domestic new wind enterprise as a whole, most of the previous HVAC and purifier production enterprises developed, and the new wind cleaning motor and HVAC motor specifications and models are different, and the downstream auxiliary motor enterprises are mainly with the old household electrical appliances supporting motor production enterprises. With the continuous development of the new wind industry, more and more enterprises are starting to increase their investment. From 2017, the old brand motor enterprises such as Wolong and LEB have gradually entered the new wind market, or set up the new air air net business division, or tighten the product sales subdivision. It is expected to start batch delivery in 2018.

From the product level, the new wind motor industry presents the following development trends:

1, from the point of view of product structure segmentation, the demand proportion of fresh air system is divided into two parts: pure motor and fan. Compared with the proportion of product demand in the last two years, the pure motor has been occupying most of the market share, but it has gradually shrinking, and the proportion of the fan is increasing year by year. At present, the industry is still dominated by motor development, and fans are mainly external rotor fans. With the development of the industry, many motor enterprises have begun strategic cooperation with the impeller enterprises, and the internal rotor fans have been gradually applied in the fresh air market. Many enterprises say that the future focus will be shifted from pure motor sales to "pure motor + fan" dual sales mode.

2, from the point of view of the types of work power, the demand ratio of the new air system is divided into two parts: AC motor and DC motor. Generally speaking, the DC motor has more advantages than the AC motor: good speed control performance (easy to realize stepless speed regulation), high energy saving, high efficiency, high power factor, long life, low vibration, low noise, low loss and continuous uninterrupted work. In addition, it also has the function of thermal protection and fault detection. The current application trend is just like the DC motor used in household air conditioners, and the DC motor will gradually be used in the industry.

As the core of the industrial upstream, the motor plays a key role in the new wind products. The current development of the new wind motor industry also indicates the development direction of the new wind industry to a certain extent.